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Explore historical Paris with these 4 immersive audio guides of the Notre Dame, Sainte Chapelle, the Louvre and an Instagram walk in the heart of Paris. 

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10 Bd du Palais, Paris, 75001, FR

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Why take this tour?

Explore historical Paris with these 4 immersive audio guides of the Notre Dame, Sainte Chapelle, the Louvre and an Instagram walk in the heart of Paris. 

Join a local historian, who will guide you through the journey of the Louvre’s evolution. Discover the secret stories behind the Gothic-style royal chapel of Sainte Chapelle, the history behind the iconic Notre Dame, and explore the top spots for photography and Instagrammable sights around Paris.

Along this walk, we’ll take you through every beautiful bend and curve of Paris’ trendiest neighbourhoods, the places with the most iconic food dishes, as well as the best spots to take Instagram photos. 

As you learn about the history behind the sights and discover the key sightseeing spots of these neighbourhoods, we’ll uncover the true essence of Paris, and delve into a variety of cultures, secret stories and quirky facts that are a part of this must-see city.

Explore historical Paris with these 4 immersive audio guides of the Notre Dame, Sainte Chapelle, the Louvre and an Instagram walk in the heart of Paris. 

Join us on this walkthrough French Royalty & Revolutions as we explore the Louvre Palace and Tuileries Gardens. We explore the rise & fall of the French monarchy, trace the history & evolution of the Louvre Palace, and understand the artistic heritage that has always existed at the Louvre.

Explore Notre Dame’s beautiful facade as we trace the Ile de la Cité’s rich history and understand the spiritual and scientific relevance of Paris’ Point Zero. Take a closer look at the statues, murals and paintings and begin to understand the legends behind them. 

Join local historians as we observe architectural choices and small details on the cathedral. Observe the depictions on the central doorway which tell the story of the last judgement and hear the sad tale behind Notre Dame’s row of 28 statues? Wander down the central aisle as we soak in the grandeur of Notre Dame’s architecture and look up at the Rose Windows and understand the symbolisms they hold.

Then uncover the lesser-known Parisian gem, Sainte Chapelle. Marvel at the world’s finest collection of stained glass and discover relics of Christianity. We’ll also trace the area’s history as we leave the chapel and discover the surrounding Palais de la Cité - the main residence of the French Kings from the 6th to the 14th century.

On this breathtaking audio tour, you’ll join Ed, our resident historian, and Kristen, a local journalist. We’ll not only wander through the Gothic Sainte Chapelle, but we’ll explore the wider significance of this area, which has been at the centre of Parisian power for the past 1700 years. This is the ultimate guide to the Sainte Chapelle and its surrounding area. Our interactive digital audio guide can be downloaded anytime directly onto your smartphone!

Finally, enjoy our Instagram tour around the centre of Paris. We’ll point out the most instagrammable alleys, photogenic bridges and flower-covered cafés. And as you go along, you’ll also be able to hear more about the history of the places you’re visiting. You’ll join local influencer, Julien, as he shows you his favourite photo stops and techniques. From blurry background closeups of iconic fountains to tips for capturing the perfect Parisian sunset, you’ll finish this tour with content that will make your followers swoon.

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Avoid the crowds and explore Paris at your own pace while adhering to social distancing regulations!

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Too many people visit places without discovering anything about them. And we can’t let that happen.

We believe that the true essence of travelling lies in the joy of discovering the authentic face of cities, neighbourhood and cultural sites, and unlocking the many tales they hold.

With that spirit in our hearts, we started out in search of these stories hidden in the nooks and corners of Paris, London, Cambridge and Oxford's most iconic spots. We then dived into each place’s culture, history, and traditions by collaborating with historians, famous architects, photographers, street artists, and many more. What we ended up finding was a treasure trove of stories that we have meticulously tied together just for you!

But how to deliver this information? We didn’t want to create another Wikipedia, with people looking at their phones instead of the sites. And let’s face it, audioguides and headsets belong to the 20th century.. This is why we’ve created our own storytelling format. Podcast-style tours, enriched with photos and videos, that keep you wanting more.

Our goal is to create a form of travel that will make you truly discover the places you visit.