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From the hidden face of Montmartre to the famous dead of the Père Lachaise, this is the ultimate insider's guide to Paris’ must-see neighbourhoods.

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Paris, Île-de-France

Why take this tour?

Embark on a Parisian adventure to discover the famous sites and hidden gems of the city with these 10 audio tours! 

Join local historians as we uncover the history of Paris and its most famous residents. Our tours will take you to some of Paris' most iconic landmarks and lead you away from the crowds to discover the French capital’s secret spots. 

Either in-person or from the comfort of your own home - this is a great way to explore the best places across Paris, including The Latin Quarters, the Louvre and Tuileries, Sainte-Chapelle, the Père Lachaise Cemetery, Montmartre, an Instagram Tour of Ile de la Cité, the Eiffel Tower, Musée d'Orsay and a tour on Parisian architecture.

From food tours to the best spots to take Instagram photos, the history behind famous sights, and secret spots - this tour collection uncovers the true essence of Paris and secret stories that are a part of this must-see city.

Our Paris tours have been designed with a diverse set of interests for the culturally curious. You’ll find a summary of our 9 tours below:

The Secret Face of Montmartre Walking Tour
Join us as we venture off the beaten track and explore the real Montmartre. We’ll wind down cobbled streets, discover secret vineyards and hear tales of local artists and gangsters. We’ll unravel the origins of Montmartre and explain how it evolved from a place of worship to a mecca of modern art and culture. We'll not only visit Montmartre's most iconic spots, but we'll also discover spots the tourists (and the locals) often overlook! From Picasso to Dali, the Sacré Coeur to Paris’ oldest church, this tour really has everything.

Bastille Architecture, Artisans and Anarchy Walking Tour
Explore the lives of the artisans, the anarchists and the architecture that makes Bastille one of Paris’ most vibrant neighbourhoods. We’ll learn about the tumultuous history of the Bastille, the creativity born from this melting pot and the architectural gems that are scattered throughout the neighbourhood. You’ll join renowned architect and photographer, Juan Jerez and our resident historian, Ed as you wander through the 12th arrondissement’s alleys, courtyards and parks. You'll be able to stand in the very spots that saw the beginning of the historic revolution in France and explore the artisanal roots of Faubourg St Antoine. And throughout the tour, Juan will point out his favourite photo spots and local recommendations for food and drink.

Paris Instagram Photography Tour - A Self-Guided Walk for the Top Photo Spots in Paris
What does it take to create incredible Instagram Travel Shots in Paris? Take this self-guided podcast tour to find out! We’ll guide you around the centre of Paris, pointing out the most Instagram-able alleys, photogenic bridges and flower covered cafés. And as you go along, you’ll also be able to hear more about the history of the places you’re visiting. You’ll join local influencer, Julien, as he shows you his favourite photo stops and techniques. From blurry background closeups of iconic fountains to tips for capturing the perfect Parisian sunset, you’ll finish this tour with content that will make your followers swoon.

Louvre Palace and The Tuileries Gardens: Royalty and Revolution Self-Guided Audio Walking Tour
Join us on this walk through French Royalty & Revolutions as we explore the Louvre Palace and Tuileries Gardens. We explore the rise & fall of the French monarchy, trace the history & evolution of the Louvre Palace, and understand the artistic heritage that has always existed at the Louvre. We join Ed, a local historian, and Kristen, a Parisian journalist, on this fascinating walk through time. We’ll deep dive into the Louvre’s architecture, point out some famous artwork that’s scattered throughout the Louvre & its gardens, and learn more about some of France’s most famous heads of state - from Louis to Napoleon!

The famous graves of the Père Lachaise: An interactive audio walking tour
Were cemeteries built for the living, or for the dead? This is what we’ll explore during this fascinating tour of Père Lachaise cemetery, which mixes music, stories and poetry. Come along and enjoy a peaceful walk through the world's most famous cemetery! Founded by Emperor Napoleon, this cemetery resembles a miniature Paris and is now home to over 1 million “residents”. We’ll discover the graves and stories of famous people such as Edith Piaf and her tale of love and loss, the tragic fable of Oscar Wilde, the bittersweet love story of Heloise and Abelard and we’ll see how the rock n roll poet Jim Morrison remains as unconventional in death as he did in life! On this fascinating tour, you’ll join our resident historian, Colm, and Kristen, a local journalist. Whilst most people who visit the Père Lachaise pay their respects to the cemetery’s A-listers, we’ll also take you beyond the tourist favourites and explore all aspects that make this cemetery so incredible.

The story behind the Eiffel Tower’s rocky past, universal symbol of love and architectural genius
Join us on this fascinating walk from the Trocadero to the Eiffel Tower. As we meander along the backstreets of this beautiful neighbourhood, we’ll unveil a more intimate angle of the Eiffel Tower - exploring it’s rocky past, its architectural genius and discovering why it has become a universal symbol of love and romance. You’ll join Alice, a local historian, and James, a journalist living in Paris, as we trace the neighbourhood’s past. We’ll learn about Paris’ relationship with the World Fairs and the reason why the Tower was built in the first place. We’ll uncover some amazing views of the Tower and its surrounding buildings, learn about Gustave Eiffel and some amazing stories that have happened in the 135 years since the Tower’s construction. 

Sainte-Chapelle & Ile de la Cité: A medieval marvel & a place of power
Uncover this lesser-known Parisian gem - in our opinion the most breathtaking site in all of Paris. Marvel at the world’s finest collection of stained glass and discover relics of Christianity. We’ll also trace the area’s history as we leave the chapel and discover the surrounding Palais de la Cité - the main residence of the French Kings from the 6th to the 14th century.
On this breathtaking tour, you’ll join Ed, our resident historian, and Kristen, a local journalist. We’ll not only wander through the Gothic Sainte Chapelle, but we’ll explore the wider significance of this area, which has been at the centre of Parisian power for the past 1700 years. 

A walk through the Latin Quarter: discovering what it truly means to be French
Explore the magnificent buildings, the thousands of years of history and the cultural spark of the Latin Quarter. Learn about all about French history and culture: from food markets, to education, religion, literature and even immigration. This tour is a fascinating deep-dive into what it truly means to be French. You’ll join our resident historian, Ed, and local journalist Kristen, as you wander through the medieval streets of the aptly named Latin Quarter. From the mouth-watering markets of Rue Mouffetard, to the Pantheon and finally to the Sorbonne, this tour is the ultimate insider's guide to Paris’ oldest neighbourhood.

The Vidi Guides experience is enriched with on-screen photos and videos. We also point out where to take the perfect Instagram photos during the tour, and include recommendations for food, drinks, and local attractions. Don't worry, none of our recommendations are sponsored - they are simply favourites of the locals who helped craft the experience.

Vidi Guides creates immersive audio experiences that are like podcasts. This is a self-guided audio tour that can be started or stopped at your own convenience. Download the Vidi Guides app & your Paris tours to explore the city independently and safely!

- From Paris' iconic sites to hidden gems and hipster neighbourhoods, this is the ultimate guide to Paris
- Love podcasts? You'll love these immersive walking tours of Paris!
- Unlock 9 podcast tours for a discounted price
- Tours include: The Latin Quarter, the Louvre and Tuileries, Sainte-Chapelle, the Père Lachaise Cemetery, Montmartre, an Instagram Tour of Ile de la Cité, the Eiffel Tower and a Bastille tour on Parisian architecture!

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Too many people visit places without discovering anything about them. And we can’t let that happen.

We believe that the true essence of travelling lies in the joy of discovering the authentic face of cities, neighbourhood and cultural sites, and unlocking the many tales they hold.

With that spirit in our hearts, we started out in search of these stories hidden in the nooks and corners of Paris, London, Cambridge and Oxford's most iconic spots. We then dived into each place’s culture, history, and traditions by collaborating with historians, famous architects, photographers, street artists, and many more. What we ended up finding was a treasure trove of stories that we have meticulously tied together just for you!

But how to deliver this information? We didn’t want to create another Wikipedia, with people looking at their phones instead of the sites. And let’s face it, audioguides and headsets belong to the 20th century.. This is why we’ve created our own storytelling format. Podcast-style tours, enriched with photos and videos, that keep you wanting more.

Our goal is to create a form of travel that will make you truly discover the places you visit.