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Sabrina Elia

Walks (, began over a decade ago (2008, to be exact) in Rome, Italy. We quickly became the premier walking tour company in 7 countries - Italy, Spain, France, the UK, Greece, and Portugal. Our US cities include San Francisco, NYC, Boston, Chicago, and New Orleans.

In 2021, we joined The Hornblower Group ( expanding our reach and working alongside this powerhouse travel brand.

Our tour products vary but predominantly we #takewalks, exploring the world by foot - we believe, the best way to get into the heart of a city and its incredible people. From introductory strolls to food tours, day trips, cooking classes, and below the surface, in-depth tours, we have our hand in everything a traveler could want. Oh, and we also like to give our clients exclusive access to the biggest attractions in the world...

Despite the big changes in our brand over the years, our focus has remained simple - to relentlessly create tours with the client experience at the forefront and anchored upon the dedicated, intelligent, and above all, passionate local guides who want to share their cities with you.

Consumer Reviews

October 21, 2021
Disappointing cancellation.
We waited over an hour for our tour guide, even asked the police, a security guard and another tour guide to help us find them. Nobody had seen them. It was too late to join another tour plus we had already spent our money with Viator. We only had that afternoon. When we got back to the US we saw a text from the guide that they had cancelled the tour because the Basilica was not open but that was not true, there were other gro ... See more
October 28, 2021
Hi Eugene_L, I'm so sorry to hear that you weren't able to find your tour guide. I cannot find your booking based on your username and tour. If you would kindly reach out to me at [email protected], I can follow up with your case to ensure a quick resolution. Best, Amanda
Reviewed by: Eugene_L
October 21, 2021
Great tour
Our guide was terrific and kept us interested the whole time. For those who complain that the tour is too long - shame on you! There is so much to learn about Venice!!
Reviewed by: Olga_K
October 21, 2021
Our tour guide Iola was amazing! So kind and helpful Saw so many wonderful things She shared so much history
Reviewed by: Tracy_O
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Highlights of the High Line

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