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1 hour - 2 hours
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Terrace Walk, Terrace Walk, Bath and North East Somerset, England, United Kingdom

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Wiltshire, England, SP4 7DE, United Kingdom

Why take this tour?

Take a day trip out of London, and discover the prehistoric UNESCO World Heritage Site of Stonehenge, as well as explore Bath's medieval history and Jane Austen's home.

Learn about the origins of Bath’s Roman Baths as a spring for pigs to bathe in, the story of the Roman invasion of Britain, and the mystical properties of Bath's water.

In the first two Bath tours, listen to expert historians guide you through the most famous historical and cultural sightseeing spots such as Bath Abbey, home to the coronation of the first King ‘of all England’, as well as the history behind the home of Jane Austen.

In the second tour, get an in-depth insight into Stonehenge's history that spans over 10,000 years. Learn about the Neolithic Village, Cursus Barrows, Aubrey Holes and the many rituals and mythical tales that surround the site.

Note: This is a self-guided audio walking tour and does not include entrance tickets

Discover three walking tours of Bath and our Stonehenge Vidi Guide with these self-guided walking tours. Discover more of this wonderful city and the history that has defined the area with our Welcome to Bath. Whether you’re after a cake at Sally Lunn’s or wander around an ancient monument, this pack is perfect for you.

Learn about Bath's origins as a spring for pigs to bathe in, the Roman invasion and the mystical properties of Bath's water. 

This tour starts at the Visit Bath Information Centre. Katie and Colm will give you an overview of what to expect on this tour including the development of Bath and its early history up to the end of the 17th century.
You will then meander down to look down towards the river Avon and the spectacular view of Parade Gardens and surrounding hills as Katie sets the scene of Bath in 800BC and the legend of King Bladud.
After taking in the view, you will go past one of Bath’s major institutions - Sally Lunn’s tea shop – a key point of interest on our Jane Austen tour. The tea shops have become a key part of Bath’s history as it became a fashionable spa town.
Next, you stop at Bath’s most famous landmark – the Roman Baths – formed shortly after the Romans's arrival.
Around the corner from the Roman Baths is Bath Abbey – you discover how the Baths you're forgotten, how Bath changed during the Saxon period, the Christianisation of the country, Abbey foundation and crowning of King Edgar the Peaceful in 973AD – the birth of England! 
As you continue through Bath, you reach St John’s Hospital – a hospital steeped in history, particularly during medieval life in Bath.
You then reach the Cross Bath – Colm and Katie will tell the story of Mary of Modena and Bath’s reluctant role in the Glorious Revolution 1688!  Finish at Bath Thermae Spa where you can explore the Spa for yourself and “take the waters”.

Then learn about the Georgian and Regency era of Bath in our Jane Austen walking podcast tour. Walk in the footsteps of Jane Austen, Mary Shelley and Beau Nash in this historical journey through one of Britain’s most beautiful cities. 

From the Pump Room and Theatre Royal to the Royal Crescent and famous Circus, this 18th and 19th century deep dive into Bath is a perfect introduction to the city.

You'll join Katie, a historian, and her friend Colm, as you wander through the dynamic streets of Bath on this self-guided podcast tour! Listen and learn about Jane Austen at your own pace as you uncover the true essence of Jane Austen's life in Bath as well as delving into some of the undiscovered sides of Bath!  

Finally, modernise your visit to Britain's Neolithic wonder, with the Stonehenge Independent Podcast Tour. Designed to make every Stonehenge experience as captivating as possible, this immersive audio guide borrows the laid-back approach of a podcast, with plenty of engaging humour, quirky facts, and lively conversation. 

We start our tour at the Neolithic Village and we discover the origins of Stonehenge and try to get to the bottom of what Stonehenge was created for.

Our walk continues onto the Stone Display. We debunk the myths around how and why the Stones got here in an era where it seemed impossible to create such a landmark. We also delve into the ancient superstitions (some of which still exist today) around the Stones.

Next up is Fargo Wood and Cursus where we discover an ancient monument and ancient earthwork that is very much off the beaten tourist path.

Now here’s what we’ve all been waiting for...Stonehenge itself! How did they get here? Why are they here? What is the meaning of the stone placements? We answer all of your questions on the origins and significance of this spectacular archaeological site. This is a great chance to look on-screen to see historical photos of Stonehenge and see how it has changed throughout the years.

We move onto Heel Stone and learn about the ancient myths of how a dispute between the Devil himself and Friar led to the bizarre placement of Heel Stone.

Our tour continues onto Station Stones which gives us a perfect panoramic view of Stonehenge before we get to Ley Lines and learn about the ancient belief of energy lines which may have played a key role in Stonehenge being constructed on this spot.

Our final stops are Aubrey Holes and Bluestones. Here we learn about the potential original location of Stonehenge as well as what the future holds for this iconic landmark.

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