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About Us

Walks started in 2008 with two guys giving outstanding tours of the Roman Colosseum. After expanding throughout Italy, then opening in New York, Paris, San Francisco, London and Spain, we’ve grown into an international network of local teams offering a wide range of walking tours... and we are just getting started; our Athens and New Orleans operations launched in 2019 and Lisbon will launch shortly in 2020. 
A lot has changed since those early days, but we still believe that the best tours are based on dedicated, intelligent, and above all, passionate local guides who want to share their history and culture with you.
Our bread and butter are intimate, small group experiences (12 to 15 people max) that vary from introductory strolls with friendly locals, to food tours, day trips, cooking classes, and in-depth, special-access visits at the most in-demand attractions. Whether we’re taking people inside the Sistine Chapel before it opens to the general public or taking them to see the Mona Lisa at the quietest time of day, we always aim to give our guests special access and unique experiences at the biggest sites.


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