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WalkAntwerp offers sightseeing tours that go of the beaten track. How far? depending on your enthusiasm. It is your tour. We can have an intense encounter with Antwerp and give you a look behind the tourist- stage. “Kiik in the kok” (look in the kitchen) as the say beautifully in Scandinavian countries. Or only the “Camera-moments”….Or also somewhere in the middle. A bit of both worlds. And that’s also exactly what makes WalkAntwerp unique. A democratic approach. If you want to drink beer for a couple of hours or do a very speedy visit of the town. I will do what it takes for you to discover whatever you’d like to enjoy. You surely will discover the hightlights of the city in 5000 steps (give or take a few) You should definitely visit the Cathedral of Our Lady, the Meir and the Rubens House and much more … Wear your most comfortable shoes because we will walk a lot.

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