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by Operator Oct 12, 2021
Iain Manley
Founder & CEO

VoiceMap makes audio tours easy and accessible. It has a beautifully simple tour app, a straightforward publishing tool, and a team of helpful editors.

Consumer Reviews

July 21, 2021
Informative but a couple of warnings would be nice to see
This informative walk had two major flaws / one is not warning that most of the streets had no sidewalks which made it very unnerving with three young children as cars drove by.. there was a section where we had to cross a busy street with no cross walk. So we opted to skip that section because it was too dangerous. Unfortunately that caused a second flaw on that there was no control to skip and get back on track. I got off t ... See more
Reviewed by: Gonzalo_V
July 18, 2021
Needs work
Your instructions need work, the interface is klugy, the experience was comical. Kept hearing about houses we were not near. Never again
July 19, 2021
Hi Carol, We're sorry you had a disappointing experience! It looks like you started the tour in the wrong place. We've tried to make this as clear as possible, with a dedicated screen that has clear directions to the starting point – at The Getaway hotel sign at the northeast corner of Junipero and Ocean Avenue – along with a photo of the location, and options to get directions to it in Google Maps and view it in Google Streetview. It even tells you how far you are from the starting point. Can you let us know why you didn't know to start the tour there please, and how we could make this more clear? It also looks like after starting at location 15 you turned and went the wrong way, towards the beginning of the tour. This would definitely make it seem like things were playing in the wrong place, because when the app says "look over to your right" and you are going in the opposite direction, it's now on the other side of you, over to your left. But there's a map on the screen and text directions to help you go from one location to the next, as well as an audio alert to let you know you're off track. Can you tell us more about how this went so wrong for you? You can reach email me at [email protected] We'd appreciate the feedback. Our tours have an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 from almost 10,000 ratings because we take feedback like yours seriously. Thanks, Iain
Reviewed by: Carol_S
July 18, 2021
Great place to visit
Whitby is amazing, lots of little shops, pubs and restaurant/cafes, busy times of the year or weekends expect a bit of a queue, will be going again. Plenty of B&B's or camping options.
Reviewed by: James_S