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A place where you can enjoy the splendor and beauty of the Fuegian forests, while enjoying a variety of outdoor activities, skiing, snowmobile journeys and sleigh of Santa Claus tours, guided trekkings and snowshoeing. Best combinations of activities organized to suit your needs. We offer a range of opportunities for the whole family to enjoy and nobody is left doing nothing. We have specialized staff to guide you and help you spend a pure fun day in a friendly, pleasant and idyllic setting between valleys, rivers and mountains. We also have warm clothes and shoes for rent. Cold is not an obstacle to enjoy the day or night, only bad clothing. We have the best ski instructors for those who want to start, improve their technique in the discipline or those who thought they could never hop on a pair of skis and enjoy. In the complex you will find a Restaurant where you can enjoy specialty in fuegian lamb, and the famous mountain coffee.

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