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Urban Athens is a collective consisting of people whose common characteristic is that they love their city and have deep knowledge of her. Their vision is to offer their knowledge to those who are really interested in discovering the unknown Athens. Following their steps, through the ancient roads, you will get to know the contemporary Athens. You will discover the, not so common, but of great historic importance ancient ruins, you will learn all the urban myths, you will visit secret caves and crypts, you will follow the paths of other religions, you will visit the open… museum of the streets, the young inhabitants neighborhoods, the smells, the tastes and the entertainment of a city that you are not afraid to get lost in its streets, a city that for thousand years integrates all the positive elements that people who inhabit her bring with them, no matter how they got here. Our vision is to give, both to the citizens and travelers, a different view of our city, by discovering the not so common, but of great historic importance ancient ruins, neighborhoods, buildings, caves and crypts, revealing urban myths and discovering unknown hidden paths, having fun while strolling around the city and at the same time gaining the knowledge needed to understand the modern lifestyle of the city. Urban Athens Collective is a NON Profit organization and is legally entitled to conduct workshops and seminars, organize congresses and events, provide cultural education and offer urban tours and excursions. Part of the revenue from the participation are used to support voluntary programs that give prominence to the cultural and architectural inheritance, voluntary groups that support vulnerable sets of the population and many others.

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