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Even today, there is no railway running the length of the Romantic Road, which makes the scheduled bus services the most comfortable and relaxed mode of travel. All buses are equipped with free WLAN so passengers can take advantage of the useful Romantic Road app not only to plan their journey in detail but also to take photos for their digital travel journal. Classic Tour: Frankfurt - Wurzburg – Rothenburg – Augsburg (Munich) - Fussen In addition to half-hour stops in Wurzburg, Weikersheim, Rothenburg, Dinkelsbuhl, Nordlingen and Augsburg, the bus will also stop briefly in Feuchtwangen and at and at the Pilgrimage Church in Wies. This combination of world-famous and idyllic locations reveals the veritable charm of the Romantic Road. Romantic Road Express: Fussen – Munich – Augsburg - Rothenburg – Wurzburg - Frankfurt The route runs alongside the Alps straight to the Bavarian capital, Munich, and northwards via Augsburg, Nordlingen, Dinkelsbuhl, Feuchtwangen and Weikersheim.

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