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Our agency is staffed with local Tibetans who fully understand the environment in Tibet. Our tour co-coordinator worked as a guide in Tibet for six years and has been helping travelers co-ordinate their tours for many years. We can cover a full range of itineraries including biking, trekking and overland tours to Nepal and mainland China. We are local Tibetan agency with a focus on providing our clients a personal service to help them maximize their visit and ensure they have an experience they will never forget. We are based in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. We have strong connections in Beijing, Shanghai, Xining and Chengdu to help you co-ordinate your requirements prior to your trip. We can help you with advise and accommodation in the hereabove mentioned cities. And ofcourse we can inform you about everything you want to know about Tibet and all the rules engaged when visiting Tibet. We aim to offer you the best prices against the highest quality during your visit. Whether you want a budget trip at the lowest cost, or a more comfortable holiday, our travel agency offers custom made trips for all budgets. We are able to make your trip as personal and flexible as possible. If you have any requests regarding tailor made trips or custom made trips, please contact us. Together we can build your dream of visiting the roof of the world. Social Responsible Since we as Tibetans care for our people - and especially the weaker in society - a portion of our profits are donated to a blind school and orphanage in Lhasa. We are happy to include visits to either one of these locations during your stay. If you wish to do so, please inform us in advance so we already can buy much needed items such as books and pens. For many people, a visit to the blind school or orphanage is an true eye-opener and an experience they won't easily forget. Plus the children are always excited to see foreigners with who they can practise English. The percentage of our donation varys accordingly the tour you book. Want to know more? Please ask us! Your sincerely, Lobsang Wangdan(Manager) Tibet Experience Travel agency base in Lhasa.

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