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The Divine Dolphin, featured on National Geographic, Animal Planet, The Travel Channel, and in numerous magazines and publications, has been taking people to encounter the glorious dolphins and whales of Drake Bay, Costa Rica since 1998. We are the only tour operator exclusively dedicated to dolphin and whale tours. It is our specialty! Our tours feature our new custom designed boat, experienced guides and a hydrophone that allows us to hear the dolphins' and whales' sounds. We often encounter mega pods of dolphins numbering in the hundreds and even thousands and we have the longest season of Humpback Whales in the world. We celebrate the connection that people have with these highly intelligent beings and approach them with the utmost respect. Dive in and meet the Divine Dolphins and Whales up close and personal while helping us to create a protected marine area through our conservation efforts. Everybody wins, especially the marine mammals we are working to protect!

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