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Sports Adventures personalised expeditions We are a group of guides of different outdoors activities and we would like to share our sports adventure passion in natural surroundings, our care about the ecosystem in the diverse and beautiful places that our country offers from the mountain range to the sea and from the desert to the Patagonia. We know the places where we will take you, first from our own curiosity, exploration, love and passion for nature and sports, this is the reason why we want to transmit to you and show you the pleasure of enjoying the view from a summit of a mountain covered on a snow on your skies or enjoying the downhill on a bike or simply enjoying camping on the mountains, on the bank of a river and beaches surroundings of dunes around a bonfire enjoying a barbecue with a nice glass of Chilean wine. We are willing to give our customers a personalised service, that is why our choice of working with small groups, providing the best of ourselves and the surroundi

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