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An exceptional playground :The Grand Canyon of the Verdon Fond of wide spaces, adventure and thrills? Go meet this wild and protected river with an experienced and passionate guide. We propose you 4 experiences : AQUA TREKKING : discover the most beautiful parts of the canyon, a mix between swimming in the rapids, trekking, jumping AIRBOAT KAYAKING: Jump aboard your one or two persons inflatable kayak, double-bladed paddle in hand, ready to take the rapids. FAMILY RAFTING: If you are looking for a fun & safe trip, Jump aboard our Raft! Perfect activity for family with young children (from 7 years old, able to swim). GRAND CANYON EXPEDITION: On board a freeride tandem kayak or a mini raft, you will be accompanied with your guide for a unique experience. You will ride the longest canyon in Europe (30km) during a physical and amazing day.

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