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Where pandas live, Chengdu, Real China life! Hi there! I am Victor Wang. I am from Leshan where the Giant Buddha is and now live in Chengdu where the pandas live. I have been taking tourists around China for a few western tour companies between 2004 and 2011. During this time, I bought my first camera and then I fell in love with taking pictures. The magnificent views, the impressive persons, and especially the memorable moments with my guests gave me a fantastic memory. In order to spend more time with my family, I quited the tour leader job and then worked in Chengdu as a local guide and photographer 2 years ago. I have been to most of the places of Chengdu, especially the poor, backward and minority areas, for both groups and pictures. All these built me a passion to Chengdu and I really want to show it to the visitors. On the other hand, after 10 years working with the foreigners, I knew what you want to see, Real China life, but not just the morden cement forests. I will share my working experience in the Panda Base with you when we visit there. I will lead you to meet the real monks or Daoists in the temple, even eat with them. I will recommend you to try the culinary(yummy!) gems off the beaten tracks in the city and you can also learn how to make them. I will introduce you to see the lama's sutra-debating at the biggest tibetan buddhism institute. I will sugguest you the right place and right time to take a best picture. In a word, I will show you the best of Chengdu whilst saving your time and hassle. If you are planning to visit China, please do not miss Chengdu, if you want to visit Chengdu, please do not forget Victor! Let us meet as strangers but part as good friends!

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