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Plateau Cycling Ltd gives you bicycles and organizes bike tours to explore Black Sea, coastal plateaus and Varna’s trendy green outlook and ancient cultural backroads. We provide bike adventures in Varna and the surroundings, enriched with a lot of urban stories, or transfer you with van to nearby countryside on tranquil rural roads of eastern Bulgaria. Ride for day or more on selected routes, suitable for your cycling fitness. We are eager to share experience and knowledge about local life, traditional food and culture. Enjoy our regular day bike trips - Varna Urban, Historical Provadia, Dobrich green city, Kalimantsi Plateau,Kamchia River and Shabla Seaside. Black Sea cruise passengers can book Plateau Cycling day bike tours in all EU Black Sea ports: Nessebur, Varna, Burgas in Bulgaria and Constanta in Romania.

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