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Chengdu PandaChinaGo Travel Service Customer-designed Win-Win cooperation Ensure the Fair Deal to everyone No overcharge No Hidden Charge Pandachinago is ChengDu local tour operators and being in the travel sector more than 12 years.We work with many foreign travel agency,their customers don’t know we are virtual supplier. We ensure the fair deal to everyone, even if you don’t know the local tour’s normal price level, we still give you fair quotation,no overcharge,no Hidden Charges,no Forced Shopping. Our Difference * Customer-designed According to your interest, you can combine all of our tour products in almost any way you can dream up. Planning your style itinerary, save your money and time. Our Style * Win-Win Cooperation Based on saving cost, a lot of our tour products is no tour guide service. For some tour, like panda volunteer, panda photo, fundamentally no necessary to hire the tour guide, just charter car is Ok. (English speaking panda base staff will guide you t

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