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Welcome to the family project PALO VERDE BOAT TOURS, we would love to introduce ourselves to you. We are a family, neighbours of the Ortega community, privileged to be part of one of the 5 Blue Zones of the World (Peninsula of Nicoya). Come to experience an authentic “Blue Zone” lifestyle, you must taste our healthy dishes with local cultivated ingredients from our small farm. We promise unique and inherited recipes from our grandmothers. Let yourself be captivated by the beautiful nature of the Tempisque River, Palo Verde National Park and Cipanci Wildlife Refuge. Visit a rural community, you will be making memories and experiencing a new lifestyle you never knew existed. Come and be part of our culture, discover the way of life that makes our Costa Rican DNA. Your visit helps generating employment in our community, improves the economy of households. In addition to this, you will be contributing to the National Parks System of our country. Please join us! You can’t miss this ama

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