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 One of the most coveted trails in Rio de Janeiro, Pedra da Gávea is imposing in all its form, and to absorb everything it offers, it is necessary to have a registered and experienced Tourism Guide in mountains and nature.

»We will take the trail calmly and respecting the individual time of the people.
»We will stop a few times for rest and hydration.
»At first we will take a circular trail, climb on one side and descend on the other side for the best experience possible.
»Before going up there will be a quick explanation to remember what was previously gone through messages.
»The trail has an average of 6h30min, so it is important to have the support of a super experienced guide to help you in the most critical points.
»The script may change according to the day and weather. But we will try to make the most of each place.
»And of course, let's take a lot of fun and professional camera shots

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