Amila Tennakoon

Lakpura, meaning the ‘Whole of Lanka’ pays homage to the resplendent Island that is Sri Lanka. Our own journey began in 2008 and ever since then, we’ve been creating memorable adventures and vibrant encounters for travelers to Sri Lanka with an eye of details and an insightful approach that is best fitted in crafting tailor-made packages. Accredited by the Tourism Development Authority of Sri Lanka, we specialize in fields such as; Hospitality, Tourism, Transport, Wellness, Safari, Wildlife, Bird Watching and Adventure Sports in Sri Lanka. We’ve had a lot of fun organizing local Sightseeing Day Tours, Adventure Tours and Themed Tours.

We are in our element when we design tailor-made tour packages because we relate to your thirst for adventure and desire to add your own signature mark to your journeys. We design our trips around your own interests and schedule, ensuring that you experience a journey as special as you are.

Our travel specialists constantly travel the length and breadth of Sri Lankan, exploring every nook and corner of this treasure trove and discovering new adventures. This is our secret. With us you will journey Sri Lanka as never.

Whether you like to spend your vacation at a leisurely pace, soaking up sunshine, sea breeze and the simple way of life in a sleepy fishing village or you prefer to meet adventure head on, with wild encounters with birds and beasts, water sports, hiking mad camping or you’d rather opt for a luxurious holiday pampering yourself and discovering inner bliss, we’ve got you covered on all accounts.


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