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People who usually travel say you experience one trip three times: "When you plan it, when you live it and when you remember it". This is our main motivation to respond with all of our resources in making trips and tours according to your needs and expectations with an exclusive service that would make the trip a great experience you will love and remember. LST Chile is a travel & tour agency, located in La Serena city, Coquimbo Region, with over 10 years of history we seek to respond to all requirements that tourists, travelers, and companies may have. We have developed tourist services and daily tours according to the needs of our customers, wherein every trip you will be able to appreciate and observe nature, historic patrimony, culture and magic of the places visited. We put in your hands a new and surprising way to travel, that once you experienced it you'd wish to come back. WE ARE YOUR TEAM IN LA SERENA! DO NOT WAIT ANY LONGER. Come to visit us!

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