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Let us introduce you to the most unique, specialized and exciting Jet Ski experience on the Gold Coast. Ride your own jet ski and feel the freedom and exhilaration that Jet Ski Safaris has to offer as you explore the wild blue yonder and the hidden islands of paradise. Meet the local dolphins, turtles, wallabies and wild pigs that inhabit this wonderful Jet Ski paradise. All Jet Ski Safaris are led by a team of professional guides with vast knowledge of the local waterways you are assured of an adventure you will never forget. No Licence Required: No Experience necessary! All safaris are led by professional and experienced guides ensuring your safety. - We provide a high ratio of guides per customer to ensure that you can ride at the speed you desire, fast, medium or slow. - All Participants will have a full comprehensive safety briefing prior to departure. - Each participant is then given a practice to familiarize themselves with the handling of the Jet Ski

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