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Grassroots Tours is a licensed community-based Tour provider and Car Rentals agency, we are base in Tamale with a goal of helping the local community while providing memorable tours to visitors to Ghana. We think tourism should be organised in harmony with nature and local communities. We run daily tours which is listed on our website under sample tours for customers however we prefer to have at least 2 hours notice. Michael is the founder of Grassroot Tours Ghana. He was born and raised in the grassland savanna of Mole National Park, where his father worked as a mechanic for 40 years. As a teenager with a love for nature and a keen interest in tourism, Michael guided tours to Laribanga, Mognori eco-village and Wechiau hippo sanctuary. Michael is fluent in English as well as eight local languages; he knows Ghana like the back of his hand. Having grown up in Mole and also traveled in Europe, he has spent his entire life in constant interaction with people from all over the world.

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