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Private tours of Normandy sites with a private guide. Born and raised in Normandy, I offer guided visits of the WWII Battlefields. This includes all American and British/Canadian sectors of the D-Day invasion and Battle of Normandy. But DDay is not the limit. Escort and Highlights of the Normandy sites, overview or in-depth, whether famous or off the beaten path, my tours travel through time, History awaits you. All my tours will be YOUR tour, no two are alike because you all have different interests, different expectations, a different pace, a different level of knowledge to start with, for these reasons and more, each tour is personal. I also offer the perspective of a Norman native, I have studied at length and in depth the history, culture, traditions of Normandy, and this enables to bring new colors to the tours that I conduct, that will go beyond and above the subject itself. Besides, I've been told I am good company, I hope you'll agree, but there's only one way to know.

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