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City sightseeing tour Würzburg … the Residence an UNESCO World Heritage … the Marienberg castle built over 1000 years ago … the old Mainbridge an St. Kilian cathedral Explore the Old Town and the unique history of Würzburg with CITY TOUR. Making yourself comfortable you can have a look at the significant Residence, the Cathedral, travel along the Main river and see the Marienberg castle in range of sight above the "Main". Taking the train enables you to have a great view at the entire city comfortably. Furthermore you will discover more about Würzburg and its people. We offer you an informative journey, getting to know more about the ancient and present Würzburg, glorious and sometimes even cruel aspects, but you also learn about the romantic and vivacious side of this city. On this tour you can enjoy the highlights of several centuries in around 40 minutes, afterwards you can decide if you want to ascertain this attractive town on your own, participate in a guided tour or glory

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