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 An exclusive wine tourism experience !!!

- Exemption Policy: Children from 0 to 06 years old are exempt from admission.
 - Jolimont Winery is located at Morro Calçados Road, 1420, Morro Calçados, Canela / RS.
- Children under 18 years old will not be able to participate in the tasting that takes place at the end of the tour.
- This special personalized glass cup with the Jolimont logo is delivered to those over 18 only.
- Required to present document proving age at the time of entry into the park.
- For better use of the tour the ideal is to arrive until 16h30min on site.
- If there are queues at the advance purchase entry this voucher does not guarantee you priority access over other visitors.
- The ticket purchase must be made for the day of use.

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