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We have lived in Aamchee (‘our’) Mumbai for long and know it like the back of our hand ! So we venture down small lanes to find stuff that otherwise just doesn’t get discovered. You will be in for many a surprise – plenty of amazing and varied stuff, people and activities!We, at Be The Local, work to support local full time students in pursuing higher education as well. We achieve this by simply offering them employment in our company and training them to be our ‘tour guides’. This gives the students two very distinct benefits. One is that they are able to receive sustainable income to support themselves in education and second is that it boosts their self-esteem and self-confidence, as they meet widely travelled and experienced tourists. Being The Local, we can offer you a fascinating ‘getaway’ that gives you a ringside view of the ‘madness and magic’ of MUMBAI – the living city that ‘never sleeps’!

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