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Bahia Bustamante is a seaside lodge surrounded by 360° of wild nature, located in Patagonia, in an area characterized by its relevant biological biodiversity. Only a few places in the world house such an amount and diversity of seabirds and marine mammals, which is why it has been included in the National Park "Patagonia Austral". Remote and exclusive, with the philosophy of sustainability and preserving the natural habitat, it is ideal for nature lovers. Activities include bird (penguins and more) and sea lion watching, visit to the petrified forest, to the seaweed industry, and to a typical Patagonian ranch with more than 20.000 sheep (where holistic management is applied, aiming to restore Patagonia grasslands) panoramic trekkings, horseback riding and mountain bike. Relaxing and enjoying the most exclusive sandy beaches and crystal-clear water, surrounded by huge red rocks is also possible. It is important for you to know that in Bahia Bustamante we want to preserve the essence of the place and maintain a balance with nature. The old houses which used to belong to the first inhabitants were renovated to receive guests, always taking into account the austerity and simplicity which characterized lifestyle here from the beginning; thus keeping alive the spirit of those who arrived to these lands over 50 years ago. In Bahia Bustamante luxury is the chance to enjoy the vastness of nature which surrounds us. The aim of the experience is to connect with nature and with the authenticity of the village and its inhabitants.

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