Participate in creating a typical weekend family asado (local bbq) that Argentina is famous for. Your guide wil take your small semi-private group to the butcher shop, the bakery, and the wine store, all the while walking the cobblestone streets of either Palermo Viejo or San Telmo, just like a local family would do. You then go back to a large private home (not a restaurant) and help prepare the asado. It is a first-hand experience of learning how to prep the meat, create the salad, build the fire with charcoal and wood, and all the while learn about the neighborhood (guests might want to jot down the different shops visited for some shopping later). The tour is an experience where you can learn about asado customs, and learn more information about the city in a very relaxed atmosphere. And you would be eating a fantastic asado guided by the very capable hands of a master parrillero (local grill master).