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Our tours from Buenos Aires provide the opportunity to know, share the traditions and values of Argentinian gauchos keeping the figure of gaucho as emblem of identity. In the Estancia El Ombu you will apreciate the beauty and simplicity of the Pampas nature, and learn about the rural life. You'll meet real gauchos, and participate in activities such as horseback riding or carriage rides. Enjoying gaucho skills with horses and traditional folk music. Our mission: develop customized getaways throughout the year in order to share the traditions and values of Argentinian gauchos with our visitors. So come and discover the town of San Antonio de Areco, the national capital of tradition, as well as an authentic Estancia of the pampa, for an unforgettable human experience. Areco Tradición is registered within the Argentinian Tourism Ministry, under the Travel and Tourism license number 16214.

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