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Aqua Fun Bonaire can organize your boat trip on Bonaire. We are a company with a magnificent 32 ft speed boat to enjoy the stunning water we have around the island! To make sure you get the best out of it, you can choose a private atmosphere. You can rent the boat for a half or full day to explore the underwater world while snorkeling, a guided Snooba adventure ( Also known as air-hose-snorkeling ), diving, or just cruising with the boat. Whatever you choose it will be a pleasant experience. Your captain is Daniël an elite dive instructor and has a lot of experience of being a captain and can tell you more about the island or guide you under water. All trips will be including captain, snorkel gear, snack, water and drinks.

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Private boat charter.  image
Private boat charter.
Kralendijk, Bonaire

Adult: $381.42
Bonaire Marine Park Snorkeling Excursion image
Bonaire Marine Park Snorkeling Excursion
Kralendijk, Bonaire

Adult: $56.42